2017 – Norway day 4 – Bergen

Fourth day of our trip to Norway, spending the whole day in Bergen. Finally there is some sun.

Mount Floyen

In the morning we have to move the car in a different parking, so we decide to go up mount Fløyen by car.

We drive for a while on a narrow street, but we reach the end of it. So we have to go back and find another one.

We try another one, without luck. So we park the car and go on by foot. In around 30 minutes we reach the top, where the cable car arrives. From here the landscape is very nice. We can see the whole fjord, some hills and the city. There are many people here. Almost all of them came here with the cable car.

After some pictures, we go back to the car and down to the city center. We park the car, and continue by foot.

We go to the old hanseatic quartier of Bryggen. Now there are clouds but it doesn’t rain. We walk again in the small streets, looking at the shops’ windows. Yesterday they were closed, now they are open. We enter in few of them. After Bryggen, we head to the fortress, looking at it from outside.

We take a little break for the lunch, then we continue our visit.

Norway - Bergen
Norway – Bergen

The next monuments should be the cathedral. When we arrive, we see it’s closed and under renovation.

We go again to Bryggen, some more shops.

Later we go to the opposite side of Bryggen, to take some pictures with the water.

It starts to rain again. We go back to the fish market where i buy a reindeer salami. I tasted it, it’s good so i solo take one at home.

After dinner, we wait it gets dark to take some pictures at Bryggen.

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