2017 – Norway day 8 – Trondheim

We continue our trip in Norway. Today we have a lot of kilometres to drive, from Alesund to Trondheim, passing by the Atlantic road.

We leave Alesund early in the morning and go straight to the Atlantic Road. This is a touristic national road. There are some bridges connecting the islands.

Probably you saw the picture of a steepy bridge with a curve. This is the most common view of this road. It’s surely nice but it wasn’t worth to make the detour from our itinerary.

Norway - Atlantic Road
Norway – Atlantic Road

After it, we go back to the main road and reach Trondheim at around 4pm. There is a lot of traffic in the city center. At the hotel, we eat a waffle and then start to visit the city.

We go immediately at the church, but it’s closing. Even if it is closed for visiting, we are allowed to enter it for a religious function in English and German. There is also a lot of music from the big organ. At the end, we can look around at the church. It’s really beautiful.

Norway - Trondheim
Norway – Trondheim

We take some pics outside, under the rain. Later we go to the old bridge. There we can see the old wooden houses along the river.

We cross the old quartier and then back to the hotel for the dinner. Previously, when we booked the room, we booked also the dinner.

After it, we go out again, to the main square. There are a lot of people because there is an exibition of american cars.

We go again to the cathedral and to the old quartier to take a lot of pics. The sky is getting clear, but there are still some clouds. They give a nice effects to the pictures. With the lights on, it’s beautiful. We go back at the hotel at around 11.30.

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