2017 – Norway days 2-3 with Preikestolen

Yesterday, for the second day in Norway, we went to Preikestolen. At the beginning it was cloudy, but not raining. There were many people going up. Some were also coming back. The path is not hard. Soon it started to rain. It rained a lot, so when we arrived at the top we were really wet. The clouds surrounded the big rock. We didn’t see the fjord below. Also at the short distance it appeared in the middle of the clouds.

Norway - Preikestolen
Norway – Preikestolen

After some pictures we went back to the car. It continued to rain, so in some points we were forced to walk in the water. The path was flooded.
We changed our clothes and we drove to Seljestad. We booked a cottage here. Around there was no restaurants. So we had to drive back some kilometres to find a place. It was the closing time, but we were lucky and got the dinner.

Norway Day 3

Today we went to Odda and from there along the fjord till Eidfjord. The town is small but in nice position on the fjord. There were some cruise ships here. Later we went to Voringsfossen, looking at it from 3 different view points. We also got lunch here.
We drove to Bergen stopping at Steindsdalfossen. It’s a waterfall where you can walk behind. Then we arrived in Bergen where we will spend the whole day tomorrow.

In the evening, after a good dinner, we walked around Bryggen. It’s the historical quartier with many wooden houses. It was raining, but the rain gave some reflections with the night light. It was very nice to walk in the area with few people around. The rain, the few people and the night created a special atmosphere. Later it stopped to rain, so we hope tomorrow will be good weather.

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