Pic of the day – Shannon

For today, I choose a pic of many years ago from Shannon. This pic was taken more than 10 years ago, in 2005.


On flickr it’s my pic with more views (I uploaded it only in 2013). I don’t consider it my best picture, but the views say someone likes it.
In the picture there is the Shannon estuary. It was my first trip to Ireland (and one of the first trips with my friend Luca). We went there in a windy day: in some moments it was difficult to walk on the sand due to the stron wind.
I have a beautiful memory of that day, we really enjoyed the time there.
The picture was taken with my first digital camera, the Fujifilm EX-20 (2mb, no zoom). So the quality is pretty low. The place was surely amazing.

The Shannon Estuary

It’s a large estuary where the River Shannon flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The estuary starts at Limerick.
The estuary defines the main boundary between County Kerry/County Limerick to the south and County Clare to the north.
The length of the Shannon Estuary is 97 km.

You can read about my trip here.

2005 – Ireland

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